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Root Canals in Fairhope, AL

Root Canals in Fairhope, AL

Root Canals in Fairhope, AL

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There is more to your teeth than what you see above the gum line. Each tooth has a root with nerves and blood vessels that help the tooth remain healthy. If the root develops inflammation or infection, a root canal from a skilled dentist in Fairhope may be necessary to fix the problem. John A. Maddox, DMD is a dental practice in Fairhope, AL. Dr. Drew Knight leads our practice, where our goal is to provide families throughout the area with comprehensive cosmetic and general dental services. Our mission is to ensure every patient has a healthy smile.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Bacteria sometimes get past the enamel and dental layers of a tooth. Root canal therapy is a standard endodontic procedure to eliminate bacteria and infection that attacks a tooth’s pulp and nerve.

Bacteria can enter the pulp of a tooth in several ways, such as:

– Extensive tooth decay
– Oral trauma
– Chipped or cracked tooth

When the inside of a tooth has an infection, it often triggers its nerve fibers to send pain signals to the brain. The nerves die due to prolonged exposure to bacteria, so you may feel chronic dental pain. An experienced dentist in Fairhope from John A. Maddox, DMD may be able to save the affected tooth with root canal therapy. In certain cases, Dr. Maddox may choose to send your case to an experienced specialist, called an endodontist, to provide you with the root therapy that you need.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Problems with a tooth’s interior usually lead to discomfort around the sight. Other symptoms you may experience if you need a root canal include:

– Tender or swollen gums
– A damaged tooth
– Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
– Tooth discoloration
– A dull or throbbing ache
– Tenderness of the tooth
– Pain when lying down

Root Canal Process


If Dr. Maddox determines the best course of action for your dental pain and inflammation is a root canal, he may complete the treatment during a single visit. He will use special tools to open the tooth and enter its pulp chamber. Then, he will remove the infected materials within the canals of the tooth’s root before cleaning and sealing them.


At John A. Maddox, DMD, we care about our patients’ comfort. Before the procedure begins, we will help you relax and administer local anesthesia to the procedure site to ensure that you have as comfortable an experience as you possibly can. For anxious patients, we have sedation options available.

Post Treatment Care

After the procedure, the dentist will go over different restoration options to protect the tooth, such as a crown or filling. Though you typically should not experience chronic dental pain after a root canal, you may have temporary swelling around the site. You can avoid biting on the affected side of your mouth until the soreness lessens, but you can immediately resume brushing and flossing.

If you are looking for a dentist in Fairhope, AL, to provide root canal therapy and other dental care, turn to John A. Maddox, DMD. Dr. Maddox is a caring dentist in Fairhope, and his office has up-to-date equipment in a family-friendly environment. To schedule an appointment for teeth cleaning, a full-mouth exam, or another dental procedure, call (251) 990-8181 today.

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